Data Science

Our team of data science consultants and analysts have proven experience in analysing, summarising, visualising and reporting on insights extracted from various datasets. We combine the behavioural and data sciences to identify and predict  patterns, set-up or assess strategies and recommend next best actions that you can use to optimise marginal gains and operational improvements in your business.

Credit Risk Analytics

Credit Risk is already a hot topic in the market and the demand on advanced analytics solutions increases every day. We offer credit risk solutions that help firms to improve how they measure, manage, and mitigate the credit risk inherent in their portfolios. Our credit risk solutions cover a wide range of firms’ needs, including loan origination, risk ratings, credit loss reserving, stress testing, risk-based pricing, portfolio monitoring, and early warnings.

Marketing Analytics

Understanding Marketing dynamics and aspects is vital for firms which want to be competitive and pioneers. We work closely with these firms for developing Marketing Analytics solutions and help them to optimise the Marketing Strategies and Campaigns.

Business Analytics

Data is everywhere in businesses. Being able to understand it and get its maximum value helps your business to have advantage against the competition. We can help your business to analyse its valuable data and improve your management decisions by providing innovating quantitative methods.