CRA-Analytics just completed a large-scale epidemiological study

We are proud to announce that our people have successfully completed a large-scale epidemiological study about current and former employees of the client’s workforce for one of the biggest mining corporations. Our work succeeded to receive amazing feedback and it will be used for structuring the future labor strategies of the group.

Our work could be summarised below:

We were responsible for determining retrospectively whether radiation or other occupational exposures among mineworkers employed by the client is associated with increased risk of the employees developing different types of cancer.

We had been fully responsible for the following:

  • To understand the format, range, availability and quality of health and exposure data available for the mineworkers, in collaboration with the client’s team;
  • To perform a case-cohort study of relevant aspects of worker health at the client’s mine;
  • To ensure that the study is scientifically peer-reviewed and published in a reputable scientific journal; and
  • To ensure that relevant boundary objectives are met, such as ethics review by a suitably appointed ethics committee, agreement of relevant government stakeholders with the project scope and implementation, suitable information of all affected stakeholders such as the workforce and affected communities.