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CRA-Analytics At A Glance

We are a risk and data analytics consultancy company focused on innovating and cost effective techniques for helping financial institutions and businesses to achieve their goals. Our people have a depth knowledge and a long experience in credit risk, data analytics, statistics and financial modelling and have been exposed to different projects for some of the best-known market leaders.

Our team has an extensive experience in building provision and acquisition models, capital and impairment forecasting, and stress testing systems. Furthermore, we are highly experienced in marketing analysis, credit risk strategies development and pricing financial products.

We work collaboratively with our clients but we could also take work in-house. Our consultants have a permanent relationship with our company but they also retain their relationships with the market. Thus, for every project we succeed to have the right mixture of experience and exposure for achieving the best result.

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CRA-Analytics provides a variety of services which cover a wide range of the market requirements around Credit Risk, Finance and Marketing Modelling.

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